February bar takers, Start Prepping for Bar Prep.

If you’re taking the February bar, this is the perfect time to start prepping. The February 2018 Arkansas Bar exam will be administered on February 27 & 28, 2018.  Now is the time to truly assess your situation and determine if you will start studying early and what that means for the holiday season.

  1. Turn in your bar application on time. This means getting your letters of recommendation and the other documents that are required in your jurisdiction. This includes looking at your credit report. Give yourself plenty of time to contact the bar of your state if you have questions.
  2. Apply for bar prep scholarships. The scholarships may pay for a prep course or cover other bar prep expenses.
  3. Determine if you will have to work during bar prep. If you do not want to work you could consider bar prep loans, and reduce your expenses to accommodate the loss of income. Beware, these are most likely private loans and you have to be approved. If you have to work, plan to start studying a little bit earlier.
  4. Think through meal prep during bar prep. Will you survive off crock pot meals? Do you want to invest in a meal prep service?
  5. Get a check up. You don’t want to find out you have high blood pressure during bar prep. Take care of yourself physically.
  6. Prepare your family and friends. You will not be around. They may not get it, but you can warn them.
  7. If you want to stay at a hotel, make the proper preparations. Will you have a roommate to split the cost? Do you have room on your credit card? Can you ask someone to gift you a room?
  8. Research other bar prep resources outside of your prep course. Learning about all of the additional resources during bar prep blindsided me. If I would have researched them before hand, I would not have had to figure out how to come up with the extra money to purchase them. ( Not that you need everything that everyone suggest, but I would have worked through that ahead of time as well).
  9. Prepare yourself mentally. Positive vibes only. checklist

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