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As you prepare for bar prep it is important to gather all the materials that you will use during bar prep. Thinking through what you will use will help you incorporate these aids into your study schedule. I was not as prepared for bar prep as I would have liked to have been. I was truly ignorant to the bar prep resources available outside of my prep course.

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I used Themis for my bar prep course. Shortly after I began using Themis, I learned about Adaptibar and Critical pass flash cards. I used them and I know they played a role in my success so I recommend both Adaptibar and Critical Pass Flashcards.


I had never heard of Adaptibar before I started studying for the bar. What I like about Adaptibar is that it provides a detailed analysis of your performance. It tells you how fast and/or slow you answer questions correctly and incorrectly. It also provided an additional 1700 questions. I also loved the mobile app. I was answering questions on my walks, while waiting for my car to get serviced and at the doctor’s office. This program was not cheap, but honestly had I known about it when I purchased my bar prep program, I would have purchased it then. If I take another state’s bar, I will definitely use Adaptibar again.

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For more information on adaptibar, click here.

Critical Pass Flashcards

I did not use flashcards throughout law school, but I found critical pass flashcards extremely helpful during bar prep. When I started bar prep, I started making flash cards for contracts and that took entirely too much time. Critical pass flash cards correlated with my bar prep program fairly well. If I would have had them from the beginning I would have used them as I went through the lectures. The cards are different because they contain the substantive law, are placed in a logical order and are numbered. The cards also have a space for you to write your own notes.

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For more information on Critical Pass, click here.

Not that your bar prep course is not enough, but I know many people who passed using multiple supplements. I know I did.


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