My Hair
by me, Jen

My hair might not grow as fast as others
But it grows all the same
My texture may be kinky
And my shrinkage may create the illusion
That my hair is no more than 2inches off my head
See my hair can play tricks of sort
Twist it, Twist out
Braid it to stretch it out
Where’s the water?
I need to shrink it up
I need nourishment and moisture to soak it up
And it nourishes my spirit
My hair is healthy and strong
It is good enough
It’s more than good enough, it’s perfect for me
Perfectly for me
Perfect on me
Just like my eyes
My nose
My lips
My smile

This glorious mane of mine has helped me to truly appreciate all of me
No longer hiding roots or edges out of shame
No shame
Only shine
Freeing my spirit
from bonds that used to bind
My heart
Releasing true love for self

hair collage


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