Law school is not all work and no play. You need to make time for fun. I would like to encourage all law students to find your niche and get active in law school. Translation: actively network. There are new rules for securing employment after graduation. While stellar grades and law review may assist, gone are the days where those two factors alone guaranteed employment.

Networking is extremely important. I’m reminded of this as the Southwest Black Law Students Association Regional Convention is currently underway.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time as Director of Pre-Law Affairs for the Southwest Region of the National Black Law Student Association. Not only was I able to advocate for a cause that is near and dear to my heart, but I was able to meet other like minded individuals. My network of attorneys has expanded well outside of the state. This is crucial when looking for legal positions outside the state.

There are benefits to being active in student organizations in law school. Do not fall into the trap of thinking student organizations are only for traditional law students. I was a non-traditional law student and graduated law school at the age of 32. Yes, some of the student leaders of the various organizations I belonged to were much younger than me, but I learned from them as well. Not only did I learn from them, but we also encouraged each other and became friends. I would receive texts during bar prep like, “Ya’ll still living?” and “take a break, but don’t stop.” That kind of support is priceless, especially during bar prep.

Do study, but do not forget to network, which means you get to have a little fun.




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