Ugh…2018 started off very rocky. My tribe is going through a hard time. Dreams are under attack. Dreams are being deferred. But through it all, we keep going. We keep moving. I really wanted to throw 2018 away on the ninth day, but I am determined to win this year.

Fighting to win requires me to deal with some things that I rather not and have some tough conversations. Fighting to win requires me to approach each new challenge with a brave face. I really do not like to be wrong or make mistakes. But as a new attorney, you learn through trial and error, which means you make mistakes.

Fighting to win demands that I learn and believe that I have no reason to be anxious. I cannot predict the future. However, I can do my due diligence for the tasks ahead. I can pray and meditate to stay grounded. I can be present. I can workout. Basically, I can control that which is within my control. Que the prayer of serenity.


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