The bar exam is less than a month away, but don’t fear. Now is the time to assess your progress. Evaluate what you have covered and what you need to cover. At this time, I would rev up the practice questions. If you have not reviewed all the sections, I would finish reviewing all the sections this week. That means adjusting the study schedule. You may not be able to watch every lecture. Now is the time to be strategic. Review the most tested topics within a subject. For example, if you haven’t reviewed Torts, make sure you go over negligence. If you haven’t reviewed Trusts and Estates go over the requirements for a will and a trust.

If you have reviewed all the subjects you are in a great position. Now is time to practice, practice, practice. Do tons of practice questions under timed conditions. While you are taking practice exams, take note of when you feel fatigued. That means you need to create testing conditions and sit for 3 hours doing practice questions to know when you get fatigued.

Do not neglect the MPT. Those are easy points that can make up for an essay. Practice so you know how you will attack the MPT. I practiced taking the first minute to set up my work product. For instance, if the assignment called for a memo, I took a minute and addressed the memo to the supervising attorney before I ever read the file or library so I would not miss those easy points. If the assignment was to construct an argument section, I set up my outline for the final document so I could plug and chug my headers and the various sections requested. I also typed for the MPT and MEE.

This is the time to take an honest assessment of your progress. It is to your benefit to be completely honest with yourself. If something is not working, DO NOT keep doing it. Adjust and do something else.

There is still time for you to come out ahead. Keep hustling. It’s not too late.


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  1. Sharnea
    February 7, 2018 / 12:03 pm

    Great tips Jen!!

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