I’m sure I’m not alone when I say I love to travel, but deal with a tremendous amount of anxiety when I think about flying. While common, this anxiety is unreasonable. The stats show that there is nothing to worry about. If I don’t worry every time I get in a car, why stress when I get on a plane? I stress because I’m not in control. Most of the time I’m driving, either from the drivers seat or the passengers seat (my husband reminds me that he doesn’t need my help, but I offer it anyway, lol). But I do not have any control when I’m flying. I’m not made aware of any issues. No one ask for my opinion. I just ride. I realize that this is why I really struggle with flying because I’m not in control. Driving creates this facade that I am.

It is good for me to fly and face this fear. Reminds me who is really in control. Crazy, facing an anxiety filled situation head on helps me deal with my anxiety. As I fly, I stop worrying about everything. It’s already worked out. There’s nothing for me to do but enjoy the ride. Even if there is some turbulence there is absolutely nothing I can do about it. I pray and leave it alone and my anxiety gone.


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