I was having fun with my hair, curling it, straightening it and twisting it. However, I want to retain length and didn’t have time or the energy to style it the way I wanted. So I bought that old thang back, my trusty crochet!

I love this look! I pineapple it to sleep and when I wake up, I shake it out. I also cut away the frizz as time progresses. I layered the look myself, but my friend installed it. The hair is Sensationnel Snap Cork Screw Bulk 18″ Kanubia Crochet. This is my go to crochet style. I’ve worn this particular style quite a few times in law school. I sported it when I was sworn in back in September.

I put quite a bit of heat on my hair before this style so I think I will leave my hair protected for a while. Faux locs, box braids and more crochet all spring and summer 18′. I may even venture into wigs and make a couple of my own!!




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