As you gear up for bar prep, consider a new resource. Today’s guest writer is the author of The Secret Life of Bar Prep, Miya Moore. Please read below to find out why you need this book for bar prep.

I remember it like it was yesterday. Spring semester of my 3L year, I can recall the pressure and anxiety that I felt as I got closer and closer to taking the BAR exam. To start mentally preparing myself for the road ahead, I had begun to research success rates for various BAR review courses, past passage rates for the law schools in my state, and the minimum percentages necessary on each section of the BAR exam that would lead me to an overall passing score.

After graduating law school in May 2017, I immediately began preparations for the July 2017 BAR exam. Due to its solid reputation, I chose a popular BAR review course and from May until July, I studied, asked questions, and gave it my all.  While I had heard several horror stories about BAR preparation, admittedly, I did not fully understand the mental and physical toll that I was about to endure. As a graduate of an ABA-approved private institution, I entered into the BAR exam knowing that my law school’s passage rate for the previous year was merely 67.3% and came out as the only African American in my graduating class, that sat for the July 2017 Alabama BAR exam, to pass the first time.

Though I was excited, the moment was bittersweet. My heart went out to the individuals that spent thousands of dollars to attend law school, dedicated several years to attain their degree, only to get to the finish line and walk away feeling that it was all for nothing. Furthermore, it served as a harsh reality that another opportunity would not present itself for at least 5 to 7 months being that the BAR exam is only given twice per year. Although I had been successful, this was an eye opener and I vowed to do everything in my power to share my newfound knowledge to help others; hence, The Secret Life of BAR Prep.

As I began this journey, I observed that many BAR review courses were either not clear or were completely absent of preparation techniques outside of prescribed assignments and practice questions. While I used a popular BAR review course, I realized that my personal strategies in addition to the BAR review course made maneuvering through the course more efficient and increased my chances in passing. Even more so, many of the techniques that I felt had a tangible impact on my passing the BAR exam, were the things I did in addition to what was assigned via the BAR review course.

Continuing to research, I unfortunately found that according to the National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE), the overall passage rate from 2013-2016 has decreased from 68% to 58%. Similarly, during this time period, the percentage of individuals who passed the BAR exam on their first attempt decreased from 78% to 69%. Even worse, in 2016, only 19% of those who attended a conventional non-ABA approved law school passed the BAR exam.

While I know that not every BAR exam is the same, I believe that there are a few practices that can apply to everyone. No matter where you are or what school you attend, preparing for and passing the BAR exam will require tireless effort. To that end, The Secret Life of BAR Prep aims to aggressively confront and redress the decrease in first time passage rates as well as the BAR passage plight of non-ABA approved law schools.  With this in mind, The Secret Life of BAR Prep was prepared to not only clarify ways to approach the BAR review course and materials, but to also give you the blueprint of tips that I found transformative in helping me to pass the BAR exam the first time.

The book can be purchased using the link below:

Miya Moore is a 25-year-old native of Birmingham, Alabama. Miya currently resides in Birmingham and works at a full-service business defense firm where she practices in the firm’s Labor & Employment Law and Consumer Finance practice groups. She attended undergraduate school at The University of Alabama and participated in a joint degree program at Samford University where she received both her Master of Business Administration and Juris Doctor. Miya is a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. and outside of practicing law, she enjoys watching movies, wine, writing, and traveling.


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