What I love most about creating is the process. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s long and tedious; but I am amazed at how a thought can manifest in reality.

Actually, I think that is what keeps me blogging. Blogging is one way that I have decided to use some of my gifts. Sometimes it feels as though no one is listening, but I keep going anyway. I am amazed at how, for instance,  I can think “I want to interview this person and feature them on my blog,” and after reaching out to them, developing some questions and corresponding with them, they are featured on my blog.

Well this is another moment. I remember contacting a graphic designer for a logo for one of my sections, beauty bar. After corresponding with him, he sent me my logo! I loved it and thought, “I should put this on some merchandise!” Finally, I am ready to share that merchandise with the world.

Beauty Bar is a section of my blog that discusses anything from fashion to natural hair hacks. You don’t have to be a lawyer or have a J.D. to rock Beauty Bar.

To celebrate the opening of my shop, I am offering my readers 20% off. Just use the code: Jen20 to enjoy your discount. The sale ends May 31, 2018. At the moment my humble shop has four items, but I will gradually be building and hope to partner with businesses to feature their merchandise.

I have to give a special shout out to these beauties for modeling for me in their graduation regalia. Thank you ladies and congrats!!

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