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The bar exam is almost here…

  1. Breath. There is still time to strengthen weak areas and work out topics that challenge
    you. Be honest about your strengths & weaknesses. Focus on your weaknesses.
  2. Practice makes perfect. In the words of J. Cole, if practice makes purpose, you want to be Practice’s baby. Practice what you do well; practice what you struggle with. Practice the MPT, MEE & MBE. Yep, practice the whole test, at least once. Practice your breaks.
  3. Pace yourself. You’re close to the finish line, but you dont want to burn out now. If you’re working, try to take the two weeks before the bar off if you can. While you’re in over time, you still need rest. Walk, meditate, ground yourself. You’re in the home stretch.
  4. Think through test day. What will you wear? What will you eat for breakfast? I couldn’t sleep the night before the MBE. I seriously had 2 hours of sleep the night before. I understood what was riding on the MBE and that pressure literally kept me up the night before the MBE. Do you have a plan in place in case you can’t sleep? I wish I would have. Thank God for his Grace.
    I was literally falling asleep during the MBE due to my lack of sleep the night before. Thank God I planned to take a break every 25 questions. I really believe that was my saving grace. I took it 25 questions at a time. This means I knew how much time should be on the clock after I completed 25 questions. I was able to pace myself. I knew the clock counted down so after the first 25 I knew how much time should be left, if I was making good time. I knew how much time should be left after the second 25 questions & so on & so forth.
  5. It is not too late to supplement your bar prep with additional resources. In July, I began using adaptibar almost exclusively for MBE practice. I used it to strengthen the areas I had not mastered. I struggled with Civil Procedure during bar prep. I don’t know why, I did great in Civil Procedure in Law School, but for bar prep it was not coming together. I used my critical pass flashcards to work out the rules and adaptibar to practice. For a discount on adaptibar use my code: JENTHEJD. Get $10 off Critical Pass MBE Flashcards and free shipping here:

For more information on adaptibar, click here.

For more information on Critical Pass, click here.

I want to hear from the bar preppers. What areas are you concerned about during bar prep?
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