My Review of Crimson Law Coach

My Review of Crimson Law Coach

I think career coaching is essential especially in fields like law. There are many career paths one can take; however, it is likely that many of us are only exposed to a few, especially us first generation lawyers. I found career coaching very beneficial. As a practicing attorney, I discovered most of the various career paths later in law school or even after I begun practicing. The Crimson Law Coach explores the various career options available and can provide helpful insight on how to secure the bag. 

While I recommend the Crimson Law Coach to practicing attorneys, I think her life after law school course would also be a great benefit to current law students. She provides practical tips on how to network among other things. Yes, you could google tips, but the course is personal and you can directly ask her how to help you network as an introvert. If I were in law school this is definitely a service that I would take full advantage of. I’m taking full advantage of her service and I’m a practicing attorney.

A nice bonus is that since the course, she has served as a mentor. I am constantly shooting her questions about resumes and how to approach tricky professional situations. 
She genuinely cares for her clients. I encourage law students, particularly first generation law students to seek out her services! It is an investment in your future, but it is so worth it!

And for you practicing attorneys out there, the Crimson Law Coach has not forgotten you.  The #LifeAfterLawSchool Coaching Program has some tangible benefit for us, as well. The Crimson Law Coach has lessons to help you successfully navigate your current and future work spaces. The program modules include: when to start looking for a new job; how to identify and leverage your transferable skills; and mentorship location and development, just to name a few. As First-Generation lawyers and working legal professionals, we confront unique challenges and the Crimson Law Coach seeks to help us favorably maneuver these issues. 

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