It’s Not Too Early to Prepare for Bar Prep

It’s Not Too Early to Prepare for Bar Prep

So some jurisdictions have received results from the bar exam and some are still waiting. This is the perfect time for you to plan your bar prep if you plan to take the February 2019 Bar Exam.

1.  If you haven’t figured it out by now, determine which bar prep course you will use. Figure out how you’re going to pay for it. Hopefully ALL of the December graduates have figured this out at this point, and Spring graduates as well. These programs are not cheap, but very necessary, especially if you are a first time bar taker.

2. Decide whether or not you will use additional resources in conjunction with your bar prep course. I recommend Adaptibar and Critical Pass, as those are the two additional resources I used.  Jen the JD offers a discount code for both.

Adaptibar discount code: JENTHEJD

Critical Pass discount link:

For more about those two resources check out:


3. In my opinion, the bar prep schedule for February examiners is tricky with the Holidays competing for your time. I suggest starting your bar prep early to build in a cushion for the holidays. Have a realistic plan for how you will tackle the Holiday season. Give your loved ones a heads up

4. Find a designated place to study. When I started studying, I assumed the library would be open and I would do majority of my studying there. I didn’t realize that our library had summer hours and closed at 6pm everyday. I had no choice but to study at home or Starbucks occasionally. Will your library be open during the holiday season? Do you prefer to study off campus? Think through all of this now. 

When Bar Prep officially begins, it will be time to execute the plan, not figure out how to execute the plan.

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