Thanksgiving has passed. Whether you celebrate the Holiday or not (there’s good reason to protest the inception of the Holiday) understand that the holidays are tough for some.

Thanksgivings are not always happy. Some people have lost loved ones and this is the first holiday or Thanksgiving without their loved one.  There is a difference between gratitude and happiness and although we say “Happy Thanksgiving,” one can be thankful without being happy. I think. I can be content and have absolutely no complaints and still not be happy.

So whether this holiday finds me happy or not, there are people and situations in my life for which I am grateful. Here are a couple of things I am grateful  for this year.

  1. I’m grateful for my life. I have not arrived. The timeline I made for myself at 16 has not come to fruition (it seems far off actually). However, I am grateful to have breath in my body. I am grateful that I am in good health and my family is in good health.   
  2. I’m grateful for my friends. I’ve needed my friends in ways I haven’t needed them before. I’m grateful to have people to call and talk through difficult situations. I’m grateful for my friends that check on me. I’m grateful for my friends that witness my journey without judgement. 
  3. I’m grateful for the messengers God sends. When you ask God questions, God answers. It may or may not be an audible voice, but I’m thankful for all the messengers God has sent to me. Signs are everywhere and I’m grateful that I’ve learned to listen to my intuition and recognize the various signs God sends my way. 
  4. I’m grateful for the resources I have. I am grateful for the money I have. I am grateful for all the different ways I make money. I’m grateful for my creativity. I’m grateful for my spirit of discernment. 
  5. I’m grateful for my heart. I’m grateful for my ability to forgive and love again without fear. I’m grateful that I do not allow bitterness and hate to take root in my body. I like that I give people a chance based on my experience with them despite what I’ve heard.
  6. I’m grateful for my ability to manifest what I want and need in my life. I’m grateful for the abundance of  love and finances. I have everything I need within me. 
  7. I am eternally grateful that I am always connected to the Source. I am never alone.  

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