February bar takers, now is the time to push through!! I understand, Thanksgiving just passed and more holidays are swiftly approaching. Stay focused. It may be helpful now more than ever to stick to a schedule and consistently study. Here are a few tips to assist you during bar prep.

1. Plan your shopping excursions. Be honest with yourself. If you know you will not miss the Bath & Body Works 3 wick candle sale, then plan for it! Build it in as an incentive.

2. Plan your family time. Family time is important but family time can also be distracting. Have a heart to heart with your family and tell them what your designated family days or family times are this holiday season.

3. Have a contingency plan. If your favorite cousin that you haven’t seen in years, unexpectedly comes in from out of town, you might not put in eight hours that day, but maybe you answer 30 practice questions and review them that day or use your Critical Pass flashcards to review a subject. 

More on bar prep resources here.

4. Find a place to study. If you’re expecting family to come in and stay at your house and the house may be too noisy find an alternative spot before that becomes a problem. Check out your local Starbucks or local library. Maybe even a hotel lobby. Just find a spot ahead of time so you don’t waste precious study time. 

As you see, the theme is plan ahead. Happy Holidays!!

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