February Beauty Bar Feature: Jhanalyn Blount

February Beauty Bar Feature: Jhanalyn Blount

This week’s Beauty Bar feature is Jhanalyn Blount, Esq. Check out her natural hair journey below.


IG/Facebook/Twitter handle: djjajacool (IG and Twitter (i barely use twitter) Jhanalyn “Jha” Blount (facebook)

Profession: Attorney

When did you go, or should I say, return natural? The first time back in 2006.

Why did you decide to go natural? I had to get relaxers too often because my hair would not really take one very well. 

Were you a professional when you made that decision? I was a student when I went natural.

How do you feel natural hair is received in your profession? At my job I do not think there is an issue. I think in my profession over all that it is considered not professional. I think that it is important that corporate america sees hair that looks like mine so that it becomes common place.

Did you big chop? I did a big chop twice. My hair got to a point where i did not know what to do with it so I relaxed again. After I did that I realized it was a mistake and about a month later i chopped it off again.

Did you have any reservations about wearing your natural hair? If so, why? I have no reservations about it. It is the best decision I have ever made. The only problem is that I don’t like getting it wet because it is so heavy. 

Do you currently have any hair goals? I am just enjoying the journey. Trying to see how long my hair can go until I am ready to make a change.

What are your favorite hairstyles for work? I don’t do anything too much with it. I just let it hang.

What are your favorite hairstyles for play?  I don’t do anything too much with it. I just let it hang.

Do you have a hair crush? yes, her name is missrii (IG handle)

What are your favorite or staple products? jamaican mango lime spray

Has your natural hair influenced any other aspects of your life? I would say no, but it probably has and I have just not realized it.

Any advice for anyone considering going natural? Just do it. Remember that embracing your natural style does not mean that it is cheaper or easier than other options.

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