Nearing the finish line.

Nearing the finish line.

It’s a week before the bar exam. Inhale deeply and exhale! Seriously, do this multiple times a day.

You can still have meaningful study during this last week, but your mental and spiritual health is extremely important this close to the exam. Here are some tips for heading into the last week of bar prep.

  1. Maintain a study schedule. Don’t say the hell with it this close! Your study schedule is still important. By all means, adjust your schedule to ensure you get adequate rest, but maintain a schedule.
  2. Tackle the topics that are challenging. A couple of civil procedure topics literally clicked for me three days before the bar exam. I also got down my secured transactions essay strategy a couple of days before the bar exam and lo and behold, I had a secured essay on my exam.
  3. Practice self care and self love. This is important. You can psyche yourself out with this test. Recite mantras or scriptures that put you at ease. Take your vitamins. Drink plenty of water. Take care of yourself. No one has time to be sick right before the exam or during the exam. Get plenty of rest!!
  4. Avoid people that drain your energy. Energy is precious. You need all of your energy to focus on the exam. You really do not have time or energy to combat negative people or situations. Be direct with your family and friends about your availability and your needs. If you need to be absent from the family drama, let them know you really can not be bothered with any of that at the moment. If that will produce conflict, maybe you can just block their phones calls for a couple of days. I think it’s that serious, but ultimately, you are the judge.

You are almost done. Sending lots of light and love.

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