Dream Catchers: Dr. Myisha Hayes

Dream Catchers: Dr. Myisha Hayes

Name: Myisha Hayes
IG Handle: BeautifullyMade_82
Facebook page: Myisha Hayes
Profession: Physical Therapist

Jen: Have you always known that you would work in your current field? 

Dr. Hayes: I always saw myself working in the medical field but it was not until my Junior year in college when I realized in what capacity. 

Jen: When did you first become interested in physical therapy?

Dr. Hayes: I remember being a Sophomore in high school when the Science Club visited University Central Arkansas campus and we learned about the Physical Therapy profession and their program.  I thought to myself I would like to do that.

Jen: Describe the training necessary to become a Doctor of Physical Therapy.

Dr. Hayes:  You have to have a Bachelor’s degree, prerequisites courses, Science GPA of 3.0 and 30 hours of observation to apply. There is an interview process along with letters of recommendation and GRE. Physical Therapy school is 3 years with curriculum includes 124 credits (graduate level). You progress from foundation sciences and skills to application to patient care concluding with full-time clinical internship rotations at clinical education facilities.

Jen: How long have you been practicing?

Dr. Hayes: 8.5 years

Jen: Talk about one of the most challenging experiences you had on the road to becoming a Physical Therapist?

Dr. Hayes: Initially I had to wait a year to complete the prerequisite courses in order to apply to school. Matriculating through the program was very demanding but the hardest was passing my board exam to practice as a licensed therapist. I did not pass on my first attempt. 

Jen: What is the most rewarding part of your career?

Dr. Hayes:  Helping people get their quality of life back. Helping someone achieve their goal of walking again when they have been told it may be impossible. 

Jen: How is the work life balance?

Dr. Hayes: I have to make it a point to check in with me. As a healthcare professional you are always taking care of others so I have to take time out for self care which for me includes a massage, facial or a pedicure. 

Jen: Is there any singular event that prepared you for your career or was it a culmination of experiences?

Dr. Hayes: It was a culmination of me working as a Rehab Technician in college, having personal experiences with family members needing therapy and my drive that was fueled by me wanting to have a better future for myself and my future children. 

Jen: What is your advice for anyone who wants to become a physical therapist?

Dr. Hayes:  Make sure you make yourself a strong candidate by having a good Science GPA and really spend time shadowing a therapist or even become a Rehab technician so you can see if this is something you want to pursue. 

Jen: Who has been the biggest influence on your career?

Dr. Hayes: I did not know anyone who was a Physical Therapist so my admiration is for anyone who has excelled professionally with a specialty or certifications. Im most inspired by people who are true experts in what they do.

Jen: What is the most influential piece of advice you have ever received?

Dr. Hayes: To have confidence in yourself and the patient will have confidence in you. 

Jen: Any other comments?

Dr. Hayes: As a profession, we lack representation of minorities, particularly African Americans. I would like to bring more exposure to the profession as well as make sure we are better prepared applicants.

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