Name: Tremayne Rashawn Chavis, SR.

Hometown: Opelousas, LA 

Alma Mater(s): Arkansas Baptist College

Major/ Field of Study: Public Administration

Jen: Tell us a little about yourself?
Graduate: My name is Tremayne Rashawn Chavis Sr. I act  and model. I am also a  current student at Arkansas Baptist College, soon to be graduate of Arkansas Baptist College.

Jen: What degree did you obtain?
Graduate: I graduated with my Associate of Arts in Public Administration.

Jen: What inspired you to get this degree?
Graduate: My genuine care for the public and my interest in politics.

Jen: What do you plan to do with your degree? What are your next steps?
Graduate: With the knowledge I obtained through the A.A. in Public Administration, I plan to work in local government and hopefully serve the members of my community by adequately representing them in some capacity.
Jen: What was the most challenging aspect of obtaining your degree?
Graduate: The most challenging  aspect for me has been balancing all of the demand on my time and maintaining and utilizing the right amount of energy to be able to finish. 

Jen: What does this degree mean for you?
Graduate: First, this degree is personal to me because it acknowledges my hard work and I now have something to show for it. Secondly, I’m building a foundation not only for myself but, my children who I hope I am making proud.
Jen: What advice can you give others who wish to pursue this degree?
Graduate: The only advice I have for anyone no matter the field is to stay focused and stay determined because things get interesting.
Jen: We all know we don’t do it by ourselves. Who was instrumental in helping you achieve your goals and dream?
Graduate: My children are my motivation for everything, but I would not have been able to make it this far without having a few mentors to help me along the way. I just want to thank Mr. Cory Anderson, Dr. Steven Lee, Arkansas Baptist College Students and Faculty, My Mother and Father.
Jen: Any last remarks?
Graduate: I am just so humbled to even be mentioned. Out of all the individuals that you could have considered, my name surfaced and I am just so humbled. Thank you, Osyrus Bolly, you are a legend. Thank you for sharing this opportunity with me and taking me under your wing and I’m thankful.

Thank you!

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