Bar prep is officially here. I understand that you are trying to retain the information. You know the best way to test your retention? Practice. By all means, use all the practice questions your test prep provides.

However, don’t be duped. Many bar preppers that have come before you and some of your colleagues are using other resources. I know some of the prep companies claim to make their practice questions harder than the actual bar exam. I don’t know about the effectiveness of that, but I do recommend taking practice questions from different companies.

You all know that I used Adaptibar and Critical Pass Flashcards during bar prep. I absolutely still stand by those resources too. Adaptibar provides 1,749 licensed MBE questions, from past bar exams, released by the NCBE. I believe having access to that many questions is well worth the price.

For a discount on Adaptibar, use code JENTHE JD.

For a discount on Critical Pass Flash Cards use this link:

Despite the awesomeness of these resources, I realize that everything ain’t for everybody. Plus, even with the discounts they can still be expensive. So I’ve come across some other resources. 

1. Strategies & Tactics for MBE is another resource. I did not use this but JD Advising has a nice review on the book here

2. The National Conference of Bar Examiners has bar prep resources as well. I think some of my classmates bought some of their practice questions during our bar prep. I do advise you to consider a budget for purchasing extra resources. Depending on how many questions you may be interested in purchasing you may come out better to purchase adaptibar. Examine how many questions you are getting for your buck.

3. JD Advising offers free resources as well as some resources you can purchase.

4. BarCzar provides bar exam coaching and tutoring for bar takers in Texas and UBE states. They recognize that there are obstacles for “non-traditional” students and bar takers that create additional risks of failure. BarCzar wants to help mitigate those risks. They build personalized study plans for students (especially repeat takers) who have to juggle full-time work or child care with bar study. They provide private tutoring at an hourly or package rate for individuals. Tutoring is also available for small groups to provide a cost savings – groups of 2-3 students can share tutoring sessions. BarCzar are private tutors for students who cannot afford to pay $300+ per hour from the big box commercial providers.

Let me know if you use any of these resources. Hope this helps.

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