Half Way There: Time for an Assessment

Half Way There: Time for an Assessment

Many of you are preparing to take a simulated test soon, or at least you should be. Here are a couple of tips to prepare for the simulated test.

  1. Rest. You want this to be an honest assessment of where you are and how you’re doing. Act like this is test day and actually sleep the night before. You know the subjects you have and have not reviewed. Do your best.
  2. Pay attention to what distracts you. If it distracts you during the practice test, it will likely distract you during the real thing. Do you need ear plugs? What are you saying to yourself as you read the questions? Are you talking down on yourself? When you come across a constitutional law question are you lamenting how much you hate it? STOP IT! That takes up precious time and energy you do not have. Plus, what you think matters and negative self talk definitely doesn’t help during the bar exam. Have a strategy for how you will quickly combat negative self talk. Pay attention to the noise in your head and learn how to silence it. You don’t want to sike yourself out. 
  3. Pay attention to any fatigue. You can study hard and know most of the material, but if you misread words when your eyes are tired then you won’t answer that question correctly. Pay attention to when your eyes get tired and have some exercise available to give them a break. Maybe you are restless. If so, schedule in breaks. Yes, take a break during the bar exam. Maybe every 25 questions you look away from your test or walk to the water fountain, sip some water and walk back to your seat. I slept 2 hours the day before the MBE. I was literally falling asleep during the MBE. My saving grace was that I practiced taking breaks every 25 questions, knew about how much time should be left on the clock and took a break EVERY 25 questions. I even did a couple of jumping jacks on my break to wake myself up. 

Use this simulated day to give you insight on how you will perform. Sidenote – my simulated exam score was horrible. However, I realized I needed breaks and started practicing after the simulated exam. 

Also, it is not too late to incorporate Adaptibar, Critical pass flashcards or other resources into your bar prep. There are other resources, but these are the two that I used. Take this time to assess if you need something else to connect the dots.

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