At this point, it’s mental. The Bar exam is less than two weeks away. It’s time for test taking strategy, like how to keep your mind in the game. You should have reviewed the subjects at least once by now. If you are not finished reviewing all the subjects, reach out to someone and come up with a strategy. Do not try to figure it out alone. I am all about fighting til the end. Feel free to hit me up

1. Get your rest. Make it a point to get some sleep every night. You need your mind to be at its best. Sleep is essential. Also, listen to your body. It is easy to get burned out doing bar prep. Pay attention to what your body needs at this time. No one has time to get sick right before the bar exam. Take your vitamins, drink water, go for a walk and maintain your health.

2. Create a bar playlist. The songs on this playlist need to hype you up; uplift you!! For some that will mean gospel; for others, Cardi B. Whatever it is, it needs to keep you focused and energized. Nothing sad and melancholy, unless that motivates you? My playlist included Chance the rapper,  Pharrell and Zo!, just to name a few artist on my bar prep playlist.  Have your Bar playlist on repeat and keep your head in the game. 

3. Avoid negative Nancy’s. Now is the time to ignore negative Nancy’s. Literally ignore them. Don’t answer their phone calls and don’t call them. Protect your energy. Energy is currency. If you have been prepping the way they typical bar examiner preps, then you probably do not have a lot of energy. It actually takes energy to think positive thoughts and run the negative ones off. You do not need anyone putting any more negative thoughts in your mind. You can do that all by yourself. You do not owe anyone an explanation; just steer clear of those who are negative or those who do not support you.

I want to hear from the licensed attorneys. What are your bar tips going into the last two weeks of bar prep?


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