Check – In

Check – In

For majority of the nation the February Bar Exam is February 25 – 26, roughly six weeks away. I’ve said it before, you still have time to pull it off and yes, I am a hopeful optimist.

Take an honest assessment of how you are doing.

  • Are you getting at least a 70% in the subjects you reviewed?
  • What subjects are challenging for you?
  • Have you finished reviewing all the subjects?
  • If not, do you have a plan to review all subjects and have couple of weeks to do a large amount of practice questions?
  • Do you need more practice questions?
  • Do you need a mentor?

Let me know how I can help! Comment on this post or send me an email at:

For more practice questions check out Adaptibar and enjoy a discount when you use code JENTHE JD.

To drill down specific topics check out Critical Pass Flashcards and for a discount on Critical Pass Flash Cards use this link:

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