How Y’all Feeling?

How Y’all Feeling?

It’s been Rough. Like really rough. I don’t like this. For some reason, I haven’t admitted that to myself until now. I don’t like not feeling safe. I only feel safe at home, after I’ve doused everything in bleach. Then as an after thought I think about the health consequences of being exposed to this much bleach in such a short amount of time, but choose that risk everyday. Maybe I should experiment with vinegar based cleaning solutions, but something about smelling bleach let’s me know the job is done.

I feel for the people who have to go to work, who’s jobs aren’t truly essential, but if their employer sent them home they would be laid off.

I feel for the people on the front lines. Doctors, nurses, public health practitioners, custodians, hospital workers and everyone working at hospitals and clinics. I feel for grocery store clerks, bank tellers and workers in other industries that did not necessarily sign up to risk their lives to serve their respective communities but find themselves doing so every day.

What has been interesting is observing how people respond to trauma. Some are in denial and pretend it’s not that bad. Some have horrible anxiety and swear we’re all doomed. Some are very aware of the situation and remain hopeful.

Through it all, I’m grateful for life, friends and family. It hasn’t all been bad. I am blessed to work from home the majority of the time. Being an introvert, working from home is right up my alley. Seriously, I want to work from home for at least one day out the week once this is all over. I am more productive at home and have a much better disposition.

I attended my first virtual birthday party; I even put on lipstick. It was fun connecting with friends I haven’t seen in years to celebrate life. Making an effort to connect is beautiful and I hope that continues once this is over.

My coping mechanisms include meditating, watching comedies and journaling. Also, my therapist is offering virtual sessions! Had my first one last week. While I don’t like it, I think I’m doing ok because I had some coping mechanisms in place like journaling and seeing a therapist. With that said, it’s never too late to start. Start journaling. Find a therapist. Talk to someone.

How are y’all doing? How are y’all coping? What has been helpful to you during this time?


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