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New Month, New Opportunity

Yep, it is Monday, but it also happens to be the first of the month. We have twenty-nine days left in the month to accomplish something. It seems like every month in 2019 is speeding by. Spring is already here!…


February Beauty Bar Feature: Jhanalyn Blount

This week’s Beauty Bar feature is Jhanalyn Blount, Esq. Check out her natural hair journey below.   IG/Facebook/Twitter handle: djjajacool (IG and Twitter (i barely use twitter) Jhanalyn “Jha” Blount (facebook) Profession: Attorney When did you go, or should I…


February Beauty Bar Feature: Lauren Michelle

This month, Beauty Bar will feature some natural beauties. Meet IT Consultant Lauren Michelle!! Name:  Lauren Michelle – Soon to be Lockett!! IG: xoLaurenMichelle Profession: Problem Solver/Innovator aka IT Consultant and Real Estate Investor When did you go, or should I say, return…



All things REALLY do work together. I’ve been a writer all of my life, but I wrote secretly. No one read any of my work with the exception of an ex-boyfriend or two. I was terrified at the thought of…


My Review of Crimson Law Coach

I think career coaching is essential especially in fields like law. There are many career paths one can take; however, it is likely that many of us are only exposed to a few, especially us first generation lawyers. I found…

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