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Finally embracing the fact that I am a writer. Enjoy!

Leaving Things that Don’t Belong to me in 2019

This decade is almost over and I’ve seen a lot about leaving undesirable things in 2019. I want to make an effort to do just that. Scratch that. No effort, I will do it, leave undesirable things in 2019. I…



Thank you for your patience. I took a bit of a hiatus. I needed to change my focus a bit. One of my favorite song lyrics is when Solange says, “They say I changed. What a pity if I stayed…


Setting My Intentions

The twenty second day of the new year! I’ve been meaning to write a post for a while. I started writing about the goals I set for myself in 2018. I was overly critical of myself; but then I realized…



A close friend said I was wrong. One cannot be both grateful and unhappy. I thought for a minute. Then he said, “if you’re not happy, you are not experiencing the fullness of grateful.” I appreciated his statement. We defined…



Thanksgiving has passed. Whether you celebrate the Holiday or not (there’s good reason to protest the inception of the Holiday) understand that the holidays are tough for some. Thanksgivings are not always happy. Some people have lost loved ones and…