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Finally embracing the fact that I am a writer. Enjoy!

What have you birthed in 2020?

How is everyone? So much has happened in 2020! No, really, like THE MOST has happened. Through it all, one theme has remained constant – Do what is best for you. That is how I practiced self care during this…


How Y’all Feeling?

It’s been Rough. Like really rough. I don’t like this. For some reason, I haven’t admitted that to myself until now. I don’t like not feeling safe. I only feel safe at home, after I’ve doused everything in bleach. Then…


Black as the Night

By: Jennifer Link We are black as the night Although we come in all shades Standing on the shoulders of giants, that’s the only reason I’m where I’m at Sharecropping seems so far away But only because I stand on…


Leaving Things that Don’t Belong to me in 2019

This decade is almost over and I’ve seen a lot about leaving undesirable things in 2019. I want to make an effort to do just that. Scratch that. No effort, I will do it, leave undesirable things in 2019. I…



Thank you for your patience. I took a bit of a hiatus. I needed to change my focus a bit. One of my favorite song lyrics is when Solange says, “They say I changed. What a pity if I stayed…