Dream Catchers

Overcoming adversity and realizing dreams.

Dream Catchers: Dr. Myisha Hayes

Name: Myisha HayesIG Handle: BeautifullyMade_82Facebook page: Myisha HayesProfession: Physical Therapist Jen: Have you always known that you would work in your current field?  Dr. Hayes: I always saw myself working in the medical field but it was not until my…


Dream Catchers: Nia the Artist

Name: Nia Lancelin-Brantly IG Handle: niatheartist_ Facebook page: Nia Brantly Website: niatheartist.com Profession: Professional Artist (Dancer, Singer, Actor, Choreographer, Teacher, Writer, Stage Manger, Producer, Arts Administrator) Founder of T.H.R.I.V.E. Artists’ Group Big break: Being hired as the choreographer and dance…


New Month, New Opportunity

Yep, it is Monday, but it also happens to be the first of the month. We have twenty-nine days left in the month to accomplish something. It seems like every month in 2019 is speeding by. Spring is already here!…



All things REALLY do work together. I’ve been a writer all of my life, but I wrote secretly. No one read any of my work with the exception of an ex-boyfriend or two. I was terrified at the thought of…


My Review of Crimson Law Coach

I think career coaching is essential especially in fields like law. There are many career paths one can take; however, it is likely that many of us are only exposed to a few, especially us first generation lawyers. I found…

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